Nordik Grunter

Lockpipa för vitsvanshjort


The Nordik Grunter is developed specially for calling whitetail deer. The sound may be adjusted by pulling the tube apart or pushing it together. Compressed tube = light tone (younger buck). A lighter tone also attracts smaller bucks. Protracted tube = dark tone (older buck), may attract larger bucks better, but it may also scare away smaller bucks, it depends on what your objective is! Be aware of that curious deer often go downwind of the sound to check out what they are hearing, so make sure you pay attention to your wind.

The Contact Grunt is a contact sound that works all year round. It basically means – “I am a buck, and here I am”! You use the contact grunt to catch the buck’s attention so that it out of curiosity will approach you. Put the call to your mouth and blow a short, soft thrust of air for about ½-1 second. Repeat this for 3-4 times with 10-20 minutes in between. Adjust the tube according to your preference.

The Tending Grunt is the sound that a buck makes when he is ready to mate. You use this sound to make the buck you wish to call jealous of you, making him believe that you have attracted a doe in his territory, and he will therefore approach you. Protract the tube halfway or according to your preference and blow carefully for 2-3 seconds. Repeat 2-3 times, await response, repeat if necessary! If nothing happens, protract the tube completely and blow very carefully for 4-6 seconds. Repeat 2-3 times to trigger the older bucks a bit more. If needed you can complement these sounds with:

Rattling = the sound of antlers rattling against each other
Doe bleats = the contact and mating sounds from a doe
Fawn bleats = the contact sound from a fawn